Reading list

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Recommended titles if you want to learn more on these topics:

Liberation Studies

  • Gloria Anzaldua - The Bridge Called My Back & Borderlands
  • Ignacio Martin Baro - Writings for a Liberation Psychology
  • Frantz Fanon -  A Dying Colonialism & The Wretched of the Earth
  • Michael Focualt - The Birth of the Clinic: An Archeology of Medical Perception & Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity
  • Ivone Gebara - Longing for Running Water
  • bell hooks - Killing Rage, Bone Black, All About Love: New Visions & Feminism From Margin to Center
  • Kwok Pui Lan - Post Colonial Imagination & Feminist Theology
  • Nur Masalha & Lisa Isherwood - Theologies of Liberation Palestine-Israel
  • John McKnight - The Careless Society
  • Albert Memmi - The Colonizer and the Colonized
  • Aurora Levins Morales - Kindlings: Writings on the Body & Medicine Stories
  • Mary Watkins & Helene Shulman - Toward Psychologies of Liberation

Liberation Theology

  • Gustavo Gutiérrez - A Theology of Liberation, We Drink from Our Own Wells, The Power of the Poor in History, Las Casas: In Search of the Poor of Jesus Christ & The Density of the Present: Selected Writings. Also Gustavo Gutiérrez: Essential Writings (edited by James B.Nickoloff)
  • Juan Luis Segundo - The Liberation of Theology, A Theology for the Artisans of a New Humanity & Jesus of Nazareth Yesterday and Today
  • Leonardo Boff - Liberating Grace, Ecclesiogenesis: The Base Communities Reinvent the Church, New Evangelization, Ecology and Liberation & Introducing Liberation Theology
  • Jon Sobrino - Christology at the Crossroads & Jesus in Latin America
  • José Míguez Bonino - Doing Theology in a Revolutionary Situation, Toward a Christian Politics Ethics & Faces of Jesus: Latin American Christologies
  • Robert McAfee Brown - Liberation Theology — An Introductory Guide  
  • Norbert F. Lohfink - Option for the Poor: The Basic Principle of Liberation Theology In the Light of the Bible
  • Edward L. Cleary - Born of the Poor & Crisis and Change
  • Alfred Hennell - Liberation Theologies: The Global Pursuit of Justice
  • Phillip Berryman - Liberation Theology: The Essential Facts
  • Christian Smith - The Emergence of Liberation Theology: Radical Religion and Social Movement Theory

Boston Liberation Health reading list

Paulo Freire documentary Seeing Through Paulo's Glasses

Greg Jones' A Radical History of Acupuncture in America is a free download on the POCA forum.

An inteview with Sr. Eileen McKenzie about her practice and Liberation Acupuncture

Patient being needled while neighbors nap
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